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History of digri

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|government_type = Mir Zahid Hussain (Nazim )
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'''Digri''' is a town In District Mirpurkhas, [[Sindh]], Pakistan.

Digri is named after then lived taller lady which was renowned as "dighi" in Sindhi means ''taller''.

*Geographical location: Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan, Asia
*Geographical coordinates: 25° 9' 20" North, 69° 6' 41" East

Mir Haji Hayat khan Talpur of Digri remained MPA for this same area for more than five times. [ Dr. Raheel Laghari] of Digri is well renowned veterinary doctor in Hyderabad and is serving police force in [[Hyderabad, Sindh|Hyderabad]]. Digri has got an ideal geological location and carries a good weather throughout the year.

== Communities ==
Digri Town is a small town where all communities are living in harmony. They speak languages of each other and every person has his due respect.
In Muslims: Jarwar, Talpur, Khaskheli, Seenharo, mahars, Sheedi, Arain, Laghari, Kaimkhani, Baloch, Makrani, & Parachas community live in taluka digri as majority tribes. Jats and Arain were & remained in majority even before the inception of Digri town Committee.About 70% of population are Arains and 85 % of population are Punjabi speaking. In early era of the town committee Jats were chairing the committee however because of internal strife of Jats of Deh 164 they lost clout to the Mir Hayat Khan Talpur. There was an efflux of educated New Sindhi families from Sanghar,Nawabshah, Badin and Mirpurkhas to the Rahim Yar Khan (the border district of the Punjab—where the majority of Doctors and Engineers serving in government and private sector are still these migratees, wapda and railway are not exceptions). Although till now they are in majority in population but this brain drain has caused them irreversible loss.

In Non-Muslims: Malhi community which was basically named after there works in fields as a farmer ,but now they are going to education side ,from them some are in abroad for higher studies, Kolhi a non-Muslim tribe is mainly associated with agriculture farming. Menghwar community of Digri were previously associated to farming, mason work, dispensary, tailoring but nowadays they are receiving high-class education and serving in good position.
'''Notable Personalities of Digri Town'''
Mir Hayat Talpur,
Dr Abdul Jalil Bhurgri,
Dr Madad Ali Khan,
Zulfiqar Ali jarwar,
Alam Ali Khan Almas,
Taj Muhammad Khan Kaim Khani
Allah Din Khan Advocate,
Professor Abbas Ali Khan Kaim Khani
Dr Naeem Khan
Mr, Molvi Abdul Ghafoor Chandio

== Central location ==

Digri City has been surrounded by five towns connected to it by five main roads:
#Tando Gulam Ali Road
#Tando Bhago Road
#Mirwah Gorchani Road
#Kot Ghulam Mohammad Road (Jamesabad)
#Tando Jan MOhammad Road

== Source of income for people ==

Livestock and poultry rearing, agricultural farms, transportation are the main sources while more than 20% population relies on Govt and private jobs. Digri has got a sugar mill called as Digri Sugar Mills, which supplies job opportunity to local people. A good job consumption ratio has also been shown by Mirwah Sugar Mills

== Education ==
Digri was a small town but from the very beginning when high school education was only available in deh 170 and college in Tando Jan Muhammad.

More than 50 primary schools, more than 25 private schools, including
The vision School(Digri Campus) Defence Grammar School(center of excellence), The MAK Digri, Minhaj-ul-Quran Public School Digri, Green Hope Science College Digri, (Shah Abdul Latif School Digri, Green Hope Higher Secondary School Digri, Little Fairy school Digri and other schools are available.

There is a Main Government Pilot Boys High School.Recently Head Of School(Master Ravi Shankar Maheshwari)and resently Head of School Master Muhammad Arshad Kallu
Digri for Boys School. Govt High school has been Upgraded to Higher Secondary school( up to intermediate). U Should know that since 2002 no classes are held in this school for intermediate and students about 700 each year take admission and then come for examination.

== Transport ==

Public Transport available for Karachi, Badin, Mirpurkhas, Mirwah Gorchani, Tando jan Mohd, Jhudo, Neukot, Islam Kot and Mithi-Hyderabad, Tando Mohd Khan, Matli, Tando Ghulam Ali Jamesabad.

== Railway Station ==

In old town there is situated a railway station from where in the past a coal-engined train used to carry its passengers, but nowadays cats and dogs and supernatural beings are living in the building.

== Public Park and Gymkhana ==

Two well-developed Public parks along with jogging track and Gymkhana is available near Mukhtiarkaar Office

== Sports ==

Cricket, Hockey, Football, Handball, Telo, Iti Dhakkar, Khat, Chupan Chupai, Kabadi, Luodo are locally famous games. However lack of play-grounds for the players to enjoy openly.

== Health ==

A vast Taluka Civil Hospital, several private hospitals including Mehran Hospital Digri, Sindh Medical Centre Digri,Jarwar Medicare , Hussian Clinic Digri and other clinic/hospitals are available.
Famous Doctor Are.
Dr Abdul Jalil bhurgari General Surgeon,
Dr Madad Ali khan General Physician,
Dr Abdul Rehman General Surgeon,
Dr Ayob Jarwar Sonologist ,

== Gas, Cemetery and Government Schools and College problems ==

Digri Town once known as Mini Punjab is really a mixed community town where majority community is at loss because of increasing brain drain. While the masses are unable to raise voice political gurus including Kaim Khanis, Mirs and remaining New Sindhis don't have any interest.

Mirs are reining Digri because of clear division of town committee seats in New sindhis, Muhajirs and Mirs. Mirs being in power and having vast tracts of land surrounding the city are at cutting edge.

Mir Haji Hayat Khan Sahib remained a big hurdle in provision of land for college.

None of the MPAs, MNAs, Minsters or govt official has ever taken the matters seriously.

== External links ==

There is a renowned town named Digri in Sindh Province District Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

== References ==
* [ Weather Updates for Digri, Mirpurkhas]
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* [ Papulation] of Digri [ complete Map] of the City

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